Sock shoehorn, compression socks and stockings in general

Self-help device for putting on and taking off shoes

Shoe horn for people with difficulties bending over, suitable for putting on and taking off the sock in a practical, comfortable and effortless way. Shoe horn suitable for stockings, low socks, long socks, , sports socks, compression socks, dress socks…






Multiple users

Put on and take off your socks quickly and comfortably

Shoe horn for socks, stockings and compression stockings with sliding function. Ideal for people with flexibility problems or limited scope.

Putting on your socks won't be a problem anymore!

Sock shoe horn recommended for people with difficulties bending over. Efficient and light aid to fit without wrinkles or folds.

Product for elderly people and/or their caregivers.

Product indicated for the elderly and caregivers with dependents. It takes care of the health of the elderly and facilitates the task of fitting them in a more comfortable and effective way.

The best friend of pregnant women.

Ideal product to facilitate the putting on of socks or stockings for pregnant women. The shoehorn solves the simple act of putting on socks, a task that can be difficult or uncomfortable becomes a simple gesture that facilitates putting on and taking off socks.

Ideal for people with difficulty bending over

Essential shoehorn for people with obesity, with reduced mobility, with chronic diseases and/or back pain, or people who have undergone surgery and who have problems bending over.

How does it work?

Shoe yourself or help to shoe in just a few simple steps!
Fast, practical and comfortable self-help product.

Instructions for use


Insert the sock inside the indicated piece, as shown in the image, ensuring that the heel is centered.


Place the indicated piece inside the shoehorn, with a slight pressure.


Put the foot inside the shoehorn and pull the rods until the sock, stocking or compression stocking is higher than the ankle.


Pull the rods up until the sock rises and remove the shoehorn.


The shoehorn incorporates an ideal device to remove the sock as shown in the image.



Regain autonomy

Sock auxiliary tool for everyday use, ideal for provide assistance in putting on socks or stockings without the need to bend or stoop.

Technical specifications

Mark of the productMark of the product


Shoehorn's materialShoehorn's materialNylon. The shoehorn offers great flexibility and lightness. Resistant and non-slip with a firm grip, stable and comfortable.

Black, beige and white / Blue and white

MultifunctionMultifunction2 in 1: shoe horn and shoe remover.
Main use (shoe shoe)Main use (shoe shoe)

Socks shoehorn, compression stockings and tights, low socks, long socks, long socks, sports socks, compression stockings, dress socks, socks.

Secondary use (shoe remover)Secondary use (shoe remover)

Barefoot (not recommended for thin stockings or compression stockings).

Recommended useRecommended useCaregivers, elderly people, people with reduced mobility, obese, pregnant and/or with difficulties bending over.
General measuresGeneral measures

70 cm length 15 cm width 10 cm high


620 g

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